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About Vista Laboratory Services:

Vista Diagnostics International and Vista Laboratory Services share a common mission:  to promote the development, production and distribution of high quality rapid diagnostic tests for use in resource-limited countries. We strive to build and maintain healthy relationships with our customers and vendors who are focusing their efforts to this end.

Vista Laboratory Services specializes in the sale and distribution of monoclonal anti-pLDH antibodies for use in the production of rapid tests for malaria diagnosis. In addition to these antibodies, VLS sells very sensitive and specific antibodies for detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen. VLS also sources and sells  equipment and materials used in the production of rapid diagnostic tests.

Vista Laboratory Services was the original name of the business established in 1996. In 2008, Ian Buchanan and LouAnn Hepp became partners and changed changed the name of the company to Vista Diagnostics International. In 2017 Ian and Lou Ann made the decision to focus exclusively on test and product development. To continue the services of sales and fulfillment they approached their brother-in-law, David Herrild, to operate this aspect of the business.

Fortunately, David enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to work for the greater good.  He has worked directly with Ian and LouAnn, learning the necessary steps in sourcing, production, acquisition and fulfillment. David has been working directly with customers who are looking for specific antibodies or equipment to make rapid diagnostic tests.

Now, as of 1 January 2019, Vista Laboratory Services is again the company name to call upon when purchasing monoclonal antibodies, laboratory equipment, materials and supplies used for rapid diagnostic test production.

David Herrild

David Herrild serving you as Vista Laboratory Services, is responsible for Sales and Fulfillment. David grew up in a family run veterinary practice in northern Wisconsin. As a child growing up in his father’s clinic, he was exposed to a laboratory environment. David was routinely responsible for performing a battery of tests such as worm, infectious disease, and Heartworms. His father assisted in the development of the first heartworm tests in the northern United States. David has spent the last 30 years in the health care and hospitality industries honing his communication, process improvement and customer service skills. As the brother-in-law of Vista founder, Ian Buchanan, he has been a part of the Vista business family since its inception.

Ian Buchanan

Vista Diagnostics International LLC (Vista) is an expansion of Vista Laboratory Services, which was founded by Ian Buchanan in 1995. He is the director of research and development at Vista and has an extensive career in the diagnostics industry. He also spent 15+ years supervising microbiological and clinical chemistry laboratories.Under Ian’s guidance, Vista has developed rapid tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Chagas disease, Chlamydia, Malaria and Dengue fever, as well as specialized veterinary tests. The knowledge processes for making these tests has been transferred to companies in Scotland, France, South Africa, Argentina, India, and Indonesia, thus broadening their global reach.

LouAnn Hepp

LouAnn Hepp brings her strong interpersonal and international business skills to Vista. She worked as a teacher and behavior specialist for 20 years. Stemming from her travels to Southeast Asia in 1996, she spent two summers living in Indonesia researching handicrafts and founded Village Art, a wholesale business specializing in importing unique home accessories.As a result of her 12 years of doing business in the villages of Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, she saw firsthand how infectious diseases affect mortality rates and pose a severe economic burden on the villagers. She consequently changed her focus from supporting villages with much-needed markets for their handicrafts to developing rapid diagnostic tests, essential for better healthcare in remote areas.

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