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Vista Laboratory Services is a distributor for malaria pLDH and HRPII antibodies, HBsAg antibodies, and a number of critical raw materials and equipment used to manufacture lateral flow rapid tests.


Vista is the exclusive distributor for the pLDH antibodies originally developed by Flow Inc. for use in rapid lateral flow tests for malaria infection. Vista is also actively developing new monoclonal antibodies for both malaria pLDH and HRPII antigens.Vista has identified a number of outstanding antibodies and antigens for use in rapid tests and can source these for our customers at excellent prices. Vista is the exclusive source of the best available antibodies for detection of Hepatitis B surface antigen.

Price List 2024

Recommended Antibody Pairing 2024

Manufacturing Equipment

Vista is a distributor for Imagene IsoFlow systems, Kinbio, and Zeta manufacturers.  We also have designed and managed the production of highly customized equipment for rapid test manufacturing.

Sourcing and Procurement

Vista can assist you in selecting the best, most cost-effective materials for lateral flow tests, and negotiating the best pricing from vendors. Because we purchase large quantities of reagents such as gold chloride and bovine serum albumin we can offer these at a significantly lower cost to our customers.We are also experts in packaging biological materials, dangerous goods, and equipment, as well as providing documentation for customs clearance and arranging shipping logistics.

Other Reagents and Materials

Vista maintains an inventory of materials such as sample, buffer, conjugate, and absorbent pads that are used in lateral flow tests. We can provide these at volume discounted pricing.

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